student Reviews

I like learning to play the guitar with Zach. He is patient, kind and encouraging. He has shown me how to make cool sounds like slurs, glissando, ponticello and sul tasto. He makes guitar lessons fun! I’m enjoying learning to play the guitar!
— Maya (9 yrs old)
Zach has taught our daughter classical guitar for two years and we are impressed with his continued dedication, patience and ability to adapt to her learning style. Zach imparts his love of guitar and music into everything he does...and it is infectious. Our daughter strives to improve each week and enjoys her lessons. At each lesson they work together to clarify points of confusion, to learn methods to improve her technique and to learn to enjoy the music!

Zach is a reliable, dedicated and professional instructor and always maintains a positive attitude during lessons. He has a natural talent for working with children and has forged a bond of mutual admiration and respect that is a cornerstone of their relationship.
— Clark, Allison, and Reese
My 15-year-old son began classical guitar lessons at age 7 with a neighborhood instructor. I felt it wasn’t a good fit, so a year later we had a new teacher. And a year after that we had a new teacher.....And this pretty much went on until we found Zach! After my son’s first lesson with Zach, he said, “Mom! That was the BEST guitar lesson I ever had! When can we do it again?!” We have been with Zach for quite a while now, because he continues to challenge my son while instructing in a nurturing, friendly way. My son is progressing with his instrument and developing technique like never before. Many thanks, Zach, for your continued efforts and absolutely wonderful teaching!
— Rachel (mother) and Dominic
I had Zach as a studio guitar teacher at Carnegie Mellon University in Fall of 2013. He was an extremely talented and versatile guitarist, but more importantly he tailored his lessons to suit the progress and learning style of his students. Day one was spent on getting to know me: my skills, background, experience, and musical interests, and the rest of the lessons felt like an awesome jam session that reaped results like that of an intense music bootcamp. I’m a huge fan of good ol’ Sinatra and I finished my semester with two groovy and polished renditions of Fly Me to The Moon and The Way You Look Tonight, and an arsenal of jazzy chords to impress the ladies with. Thanks Zach!
— Ryan- Former Student at Carnegie Mellon University