About the Lessons

I teach music, and the proper fundamental sets of technique, theory, interpretation, aural training, and personal awareness that are necessary to communicate music with the guitar. I believe that music is a product of the whole musician, and that the instrument on which it is played is of secondary importance. Music is interpreted by the informed and educated mind, shaped and molded by the creative heart, and translated into sound through efficient and controlled physical motion. Musicians who are self-aware, diligent, diverse, and self-motivated will recognize their inherent strengths, use them to their advantage, and work to improve their subsequently inherent weaknesses. These are the musicians who will be successful and of high demand in a dynamic, competitive, and ever-changing industry.

For all of my students, my goal is to present these topics in a way that is both challenging and fun. I listen to my students, and make sure that they are able to learn the songs and music that they want to learn in addition to the music that I feel is necessary for growth and learning.

My approach creates a technically solid guitarist who is knowledgeable, freely creative and sensitive
to the needs of a group, versatile, and professional. This is the kind of musician that will enjoy a long and
successful career in the music industry, and will go on to inspire generations of new musicians.

Lessons are taught in one hour (60 minute) blocks each week. Students are welcome to pay on a flexible schedule that works best for their budget. To know more about current availability and rates, please contact me directly.



Where the Lessons are

I teach all of my private lessons in my home studio, located in Highland Park. It is a quiet neighborhood, free parking on my street, and all families are welcome to stay in my home for the length of the lesson, or take a short walk down Bryant Street for a cup of coffee or a snack.